How to Play Hearthstone: Turn-Based Card PC Gameplay

Hearthstone is a challenging yet fun card game that tests how well you can construct and strategize against rivals. Your task is to build a powerful deck that can synergize and execute combos against the opposition.

The Basics To Hearthstone Card Duel

Matches begin with both you and your opponent drawing cards from your deck that consists of thirty cards. Each piece you draw has a mana cost before you can play them – your mana crystals are seen on the right side of your screen., The pool increases by 1 every turn with a maximum limit of 10. Cards that can be played will have a green border around them, while others might need other casting requirements before you can play them on the board.


Minion cards are creatures that you place on your board to help you attack or defend. They have different abilities that you need to get familiar with since they can make or break your matches. Meanwhile, Spell Cards can be played instantly and will not stay on the board unless the texts say otherwise. Finally, Hero cards are legendary minions that have devastating abilities. They can turn the tide of any match but be warned! Your opponent might have an ace up its sleeve that can make quick work of your hero.

The game ends when you reduce your opponent’s health to zero or vice versa. You can also win if your enemy’s deck has been cleared out and cannot draw during his or her turn. Likewise, you can also lose in the same way.

Playing The Popular Card Strategy Game on PC

Hearthstone is a great card game with over 100 million active players worldwide. It’s such a massive hit that it deserves to be played on major platforms like the PC. Our game version gives you access to full-screen gameplay with fully customizable keymaps. You wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of touch controls when you download from our site. It’s really simple to do! Just follow these steps:

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