Hearthstone: A Brief Recap of The Game’s Expansions

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Hearthstone has been one of the more tenured deck-building games available. Since its initial release in 2014, the game has received many improvements, new collectible cards, and other gameplay additions to provide more variety for players. All of these are contained in expansions. Updates in Hearthstone consist primarily of new collectible cards for players to build their decks with. They bring in new mechanics that can either strengthen current builds or completely throw off a meta.

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On the same note, some new content goes hand-in-hand with the latest updates on the massive MMORPG World of Warcraft. Since both games come from the same universe, and they tend to share the same lore. Most seasoned Hearthstone players also spend their time in the open-world gameplay of Wow.

To date, there are a total of seven standard format expansions and fifteen wild format expansions in Hearthstone. The first update was for the wild format called Curse of Naxxramas, and since then Blizzard has been releasing more, with the most recent ones being Scholomance Academy for Standard and Rastakhan’s Rumble for Wild formats, respectively. Every time a new expansion is introduced, a new meta is born. This is how the game keeps players engaged. It also tests their ability to strategize and adapt to new conditions.

The Game-Changing Effect of Expansions

Hearthstone has two game modes – Standard and Wild formats. The prior relies on giving players a more streamlined gaming experience which translates to having a limited card pool based on the expansion. Standard is also more balanced and is a good entry point for newer players due to its basic gameplay.

In contrast, Wild Format is a more free-wheeling game mode that allows players to use decks and combine cards from different expansions. More seasoned players and card collectors often thrive in this mode since they can use cards in their collection that aren’t part of the Standard format. It also gives gamers the freedom to create the wildest deck meta possible in Hearthstone.

Simply put, expansions play a big role in shaping the title’s state of play. New card sets mean more combos to discover and execute for standard formats. It also means more ways to improve or demolish pre-existing card combos to keep veteran players on their toes. Give it a shot. You might be the next top tactician in this critically-acclaimed competitive card game. The only true way to find out is to download Hearthstone on PC now!