Hearthstone: Building Your Deck on PC

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Building a deck in Hearthstone takes a lot of research and knowledge about certain gameplay elements. So we’ve listed down this handy guide to aid you in building the most powerful deck for the toughest ranked games.

Understand The Game’s Deck Archetypes

First off, you need to be familiar with the cards you want to play with or playing against. Since heroes have different abilities, you’ll need to decide whether you would play around your hero’s strengths or his skill to buff other minion cards. Figuring out your preferred card play style can give you a head start in this game.

Hearthstone Deck Building

Reading up on heroic abilities also lets you determine what kind of playstyle each demands from its player. There are three deck archetypes in the game: the aggro decks, the midrange decks, and the control decks. Aggro decks focus on hitting hard as fast as they can, and often sputter when the game gets longer. Midrange decks, as their name suggests, get their combos going after turn four or five. Meanwhile, Control decks tend to be more powerful as the match drags on, so they do their best to stall opponents until they can set up their combo cards.

These three archetypes have a rock-scissor-paper relationship where Aggro beats Midrange, Midrange beats Control, and Control beats Aggro. This meta gives each deck no clear advantage and makes the overall match-ups between players a bit more balanced.

The Lesser-Known Deck Sub-Archetypes

Deeper into the deck types are sub-archetypes. They deal with specific card gameplay. These are the Zoo, Combo, Tempo, and Token sub-archetypes. Zoo decks often have a ton of low-costing minions, and its win condition is to bumrush opponents with pesky creatures that deal consistent damage. Combo decks rely on dishing out cards that synergize with another to perform devastating combos. These decks often try to beat you in one turn, but often require specific setups to activate. Tempo decks revolve around playing the best-value cards during their turn to keep constant pressure on the opponent.

Given that there is a wide variety of decks available, you have to determine what play-style suits you the most. Investing on a deck means foregoing the two other decks initially. If you’re new to the game, Aggro decks are the most beginner-friendly to start with since you’re only going to be concerned with managing your mana crystals while dropping minion cards.

As you play more matches, you’ll eventually ease into the deck archetypes and you’ll be able to broaden your strategy. So the only way to get better is to play the game as soon as possible. Download Hearthstone on PC now!